Store Manager / Hair Designer

Mayu has been part of the SHINKA Clarence St family since 2011.
As a store manager, she is well respected by her team and strives to offer a comfortable environment to both customers and staff. She is exceptionally skilled in all aspects of hairdressing, including cuts, perms, colouring, and offering professionl advice on styles which enhances each customer's natural contour.
Due to her recommendations, Mayu has built up an excellent reputation amongst her clients.


Assistant manager / Hair Designer

Mika is a well experienced stylist, who has won a prize in the All Japan beauty art competition From cute and feminine to edgy cool, there are a variety of styles she is well skilled in. With an abundant experience in colouring, such as high tone colour and balayage, she can give you expert advice on your new style.
She currently is SHINKA Clarence St branch's Assistant Manager, and is well adored and a source of energy for her colleagues.

Taka (Sho)

Top Stylist

Taka has a lot of experience in Tokyo. With his wide range of abilities, he can create lovely female style and also men's business style cut. He catches up the trend and suggests suitable style for you.


Top Stylist

She is a highly skilled hair stylist who earned a basic experience in Japan and further developed it in Australia. Her skills in highlight and balayage she gained in a local hair salon of Sydney has an excellent reputation. Why don't you consult with her about your new hair sytle ?


Top Stylist

Keiko has 10 years of working experience in Tokyo and is a top stylist with some celebrities as her customers. She gained a Diploma from a beautician school in Sydney, and can confidently offer skills she has built through local hair salons. Being a mother of a child, styles you can reproduce beautifully without much time and maintenance is especially her strong point.


Top Stylist /
Make-up artist

Yui has a good reputation for her original sense and high quality skills from lots of customers and won the JHCA beauty contest in Japan. She is particularly good at highlights and balayage, and also she is to endeavor to provide suitable hair colouring to each customer.


Top Stylist

Ogu is a talented stylist who has experience over 10 years in Tokyo, Japan. He provides suitable and new hair style to each customer by his experience. He is an omnipotent hairstylist who can make a wide range of hairstyles such as mode, cool and feminine, and especially his strong point is perm hairstyle. Furthermore, his courteous service has gained a high reputation from many of our customers.


Stylist /
Make-up artist

She is good at creating a natural, soft and elegant hairstyle, which she gained through the long experience in Japan. Her counseling is throughly and she suggests a hairstyle that suits to a costumer's lifestyle. Also, she has a good reputation in hair set and makeup.



Satoko is a very experienced hairstylist with over 10 years in the Japanese hairdressing industry. Her female perm style uses the latest technique and are being very well received in Sydney. She is up to date with current trends and can always suggests the best style for each customers. With her exceptional skill and knowledge, you will always be satisfied with your visit.



Nao has cheerful character and she values opportunities for communication. She is always polite and taking good care to Especially, her massage technique is quite popular among them, and it gives you a relax and comfortable time. Hence, when you come our salon next time, try her massage please. It will give you relaxing and comfortable time.



Hikari worked in Omotesando, one of the most fashionable towns in Japan. She has amazing skills in producing modern styles, section colour and highlight colour. She has twice been awarded prizes in hairstylist competitions in Japan, Osaka Beauty Salon Style Award and Creative Style of Hiroyamamoto award.



She is always keeping smile and having spirits of hospitality to customers even when we are in busy time. She can support customers exactly with prompt attention so that they feel comfortable in our salon.



Yuri has a bubbly and outgoing personality, and is always happy to assist our clients to the best of her ability. Her organised nature and attention to detail contribute to an overall positive customer experience.