Ryo (Roy)

Managing Director of SHINKA Group / Hair Designer

SHINKA Hair Design Managing Director
Ryo came to Australia after gained experience working in Aoyama and Harajuku Tokyo.
He established SHINKA in Sydney in 2008. He opened second store in the same area in 2009 and launched Roppongi branch in 2012.
He produced hair and make up for over 130 cover models of monthly magazine Japaralia.
While he does salon work both in Sydney and Tokyo, he also writes column in beauty magazine.

* Ryo's salon work in Sydney is "York Street Shop".
* Ryo's salon work in Japan is "Azabu-Juban Shop". (03-3455-6623)


Top Stylist

After years of experience in Japan, she went to Sydney and did salon work at SHINKA Galeries branch where she has learned global skills. She is committed to providing you the look you want which she also makes sure to complement your face line and hair type. Also, she stays updated on latest trend so that she can give you the most current updated looks. In addition to her cutting technique, she also has a reputation for her highlighting technique.


Manager / Receptionist

As a receptionist and manager for our 2 branches in Tokyo, she ensures quality service and that every client is taken care of. With her attention to detail and warm smile she has gained great trust from clients. She had worked at SHINKA in Sydney and she has a great communication skill in English as well. As a specialist in customer service, she also writes a column for beauty industry magazine.


Top Stylist

I will listen to your concern and needs. Let's find hairstyle that matches your lifestyle together.



I will try to make all the customers relaxing with my big smile even though I'm still getting training as a hair dresser.



I always do my salon work earnestly. I will greet all of you with my friendly personality when you come in SHINKA.


Assistant Photographer