139 York St, Sydney NSW 2000
02 7902 1128

Mon to Fri11:00 〜 20:00
Sat, Sun, Public Holiday10:30 〜 17:00
Ogu's holiday Notice Ogu takes holiday from 17 Oct to 25 Oct. Please make a reservation earlier. (20/9/2018)
Su's holiday Notice Su takes holiday from 7 Oct to 16 Oct. Please make a reservation earlier. (20/9/2018)
Ryo will be available on September Ryo will be available in 2 (Sun), 3 (Mon), 4 (Tue), 7 (Fri), 8 (Sat), 9 (Sun), 13 (Thu), 14 (Fri), 15 (Sat), on York St shop. This is his last work as a hair dresser, please make a reservation early. [ Reservation / Ryo ] (29/8/2018)
Staff's Holidays on September Please check "Staff's Holidays" for making your reservation. (27/8/2018)
Ryo's working day in Sydney Ryo has postponed to come back to Sydney this time. Therefore, we will conform to you immediately when we know. Please accept our apologies for causing you a great deal of inconvenience. We appreciate your continuous support. (13/8/2018)