Director of SHINKA Group / Hair Designer

He came to Sydney in 2008, and he has been working at SHINKA since it is opened.
As the Director, he contributed to open the third branch.
He is engaged in compiling the photo shooting, and also high great technique and sensibilities are being watched with interest by a lot of customers.
Furthermore, he has gained credence from customers to make styles which are they want.
As everyone knows, Hiro is the best Japanese hairdresser in Sydney.


Assistant Manager / Hair Designer

Hide has worked for 10 years in Tokyo and for 3 years in New York.
From his wide range of abilities, he could create from natural to fashionable styles, and especially, he is very good at taper and messy styles for men, and Bob, perm and Ombre styles for women.


Top Stylist

Ogu is a talented stylist who has experience over 10 years in Tokyo, Japan. He provides suitable and new hair style to each customer by his experience. He is an omnipotent hairstylist who can make a wide range of hairstyles such as mode, cool and feminine, and especially his strong point is perm hairstyle. Furthermore, his courteous service has gained a high reputation from many of our customers.



She is from Osaka, where is one of the unique city in Japan and She had experienced a lot at there as a stylist. With that experience, She is good at making hair style which has originality but so natural and suits anyone. If you want to try out a new style with a little change,please feel free to talk with her.



He is continuously courteous to his customers and service, and is especially good at hair colouring and scalp massages. He is also knowledgable about hair care so please feel free to ask if you have any questions.



Sena will always welcome you with her happy smile and will provide polite service to all customers. She gained knowledge of customer service in Japan and makes sure she can deliver her best work to her customers to make you can feel relaxed and comfortable in SHINKA.



She looks forward to meeting and talking with our customers. Also she serves customers so they can have a comfortable and relaxed time.



Mai has studied abroad in USA. She serves customers with a smile so they can have a comfortable and relaxed time.