Company nameSHINKA Group Pty Ltd
Establishment February 2008
Head office 101/276-278 Pitt street, Sydney
NSW Australia
Tokyo office 〒106-0032
2F Roppongi Five, 5-18-20
Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
TEL: 03-5575-6768
Hair salons (Sydney) SHINKA Clarence
since 2009
SHINKA The Galeries
since 2008
SHINKA Castlereagh
since 2018
since 2023
Hair salons (Tokyo) SHINKA Roppongi
since 2012
SHINKA Azabu-juban
since 2014
SHINKA Imperial hotel plaza
since 2020

'SHINKA' means 'evolution'(進化) in Japanese, but we use the kanji '心華' instead, which means beauty from the heart. This represents our wish to not just make our customers' hair beautiful, but to help them feel beautiful as well.

SHINKA opened in Sydney in 2008 as a Japanese hair salon, and at first, we focused on being a hair salon that offered Japanese products and services to local Japanese customers. However, as Japanese culture became popular, the salon received positive reception from non-Japanese customers too, allowing us to grow our business.

In 2012, we took home new hairdressing techniques learnt in Sydney back to Japan, and opened a hair salon in Roppongi, Tokyo, targeting international customers, which is rare in Japan. Our English speaking staff with experience dealing with hair of different ethnicities were highly rated by our international customers, allowing us to open new stores in Japan.

Recently, our Sydney salons have been welcoming new staff members from different countries. We are happy that we are now known for our brand name SHINKA rather than as a Japanese hair salon. Even though our vision has changed throughout the years, we will continue with our SHINKA - evolution, so that we can keep our customers looking and feeling beautiful- staying true to our name, SHINKA.

SHINKA Group CEO - Ryo