Store Manager / Hair Designer
SHINKA The Castlereagh Store Manager

Ryuji is one of our most experienced hair stylist in SHINKA, with amazing skills and techniques. He is our all rounder; creating stylish men's hair cuts to soft feminine styles. He is particularly known for his high quality skills in high-tone colours, straightening and digital perms. Keeping in mind of the current trends, Ryuji is able to offer his customers with a style that suits the individual. He is definitely one to try!


Assistant Manager / Hair Designer
SHINKA The Castlereagh Assistant Manager

She has extensive experience in Tokyo. All clients are loving the hair style which she created. She won Vidal Sasoon hair competition in 2006 then she had an opportunity to learn more technique in London. She will suggest hairstyle best match for your lifestyle and everyday wear. Giving a little spice to your beauty life with the hairstyle is her great pleasure.


Top Stylist

She has worked as a hair dresser in Japan and Australia for 17 years and participated in hair style competitions many times. She is familiar with making feminine style. Her kind consultation would satisfy you with suitable hair styles. She is especially good at perming and making bob style.


Top Stylist / Make-up artist

Saki offers a fun and relaxing atmosphere to all her customers. Her friendly character is loved by everyone and is one of our most popular stylists. She shows great fashion sense and offers her female clients the Japanese "kawaii" (cute) style. Saki continues to build her popularity through her great talent in high-tone colours, hair arrangements and set ups. She is also in charge of our instagram page, where she uploads her fantastic work. Hopefully you can have a look at her instagram page as well!



Yoko is an experienced hair stylist, working in Osaka and Himeji, Japan for 13 years. She demonstrates true Japanese hospitality in her work and in her interactions with her customers. She creates a natural style for both women and men and knows how important it is in creating a style that is easy to take care of at home and set yourself; which she does extremely well. Yoko is particularly skilled in creating short hair styles for women, being one of the most skilled within SHINKA.



Kaede offers relaxing atmosphere in our hair salon with her blight smile while she is working.She enjoys her job with taking good care of her heart to customer.



Shion developed his skill in Tokyo, Harajyuku; a very popular city amongst the young generation. Working there as a colourist before coming to SHINKA, Shion's colouring technique is of high quality. He has his own unique colour recipes and shows strength in all colours; from basic colours to highlights, gradation colours and balayage. He also values the importance of communicating with his customers, sharing his ideas and knowledge about different colours as well as listening and answering questions and enquires from all his customers. Feel free to come chat with Shion!



Rio will welcome you with a smile. She would like to offer her best service to make you feel relaxed and comfortable in SHINKA.



Natsuki came to Australia after graduating a Beauty collage in Japan and now she's here to learn and build her confidence in her skills as well as her English. Her bright smile along with her soft and comforting atmosphere is sure to make you feel comfortable as well.



Daiki has come to Australia after building his skill and experience in one of Japan's most fashionable cities, Fukuoka. Daiki's politeness is shown through his work and shows great attitude. Being young, he is very popular within the young generation, showing experience especially in stylish men's hair cuts and a girly style with an edge for females. He is also talented in fashion colours and has great knowledge of what's popular in Japan. Why not try it out!



Ayumi demonstrates a high level in her hospitality skills and creates a relaxing environment for all our customers. Her attention to detail supports every individual from arrival to departure and offers great comfort during the time spent here.



Ayaka will welcome you with smile, polite and kind response. She is good at listening to customers and telling their requests to hair designers precisely, thus she will support customers with her excellent hospitality skills.