Store Manager / Top Stylist

She moved her base of operations to England after working for more than a decade as a beautician in Japan. Using her knowledge of haircuts that fit each bone structure and personal coloring, she has the gift of creating style that matches the individual lifestyle of each and every customer. In London, she fully utilized the knowledge she had learned up to that point and understanding the differences in hair quality and bone structure between Asians and Europeans, she was active in both photography, and inside and outside the salon. Upon returning to Japan, she joined SHINKA with the aim of more fully utilizing the skills she had honed, as well as her language ability. Her steady, high levels of technical ability as well as her ability to propose interesting ideas has also won her many fans among embassy staff.


Top Stylist

After spending 3 years at the main branch in Sydney as a Top Stylist, our almighty stylist Hitomi has joined the Roppongi team. Her politeness and friendliness is loved by everyone, creating a relaxing atmosphere for all. She shows confidence in creating highlights for both Western and Asian backgrounds but also has the technique to create a style that 'suits the individual'.



She returned to Japan after moving her life base to America in her teens and gaining proficiency in languages and the many areas of the hospitality field. It is not going too far to say that it is because her broad-minded sensitivity was able to go out and become exposed to the world at an early stage. She is studying hard every day, learning Japanese technology from the basics, and aiming to become a beautician who is active internationally. Using her linguistic ability to instantly create an atmosphere that causes customers from a wide range of countries to feel relaxed, she is an important resource underlying the values of SHINKA as a global salon.



Natsumi joined SHINKA in April 2021. She was born in Hokkaido, and is a petite assistant with a charming smile. When she was a student, she did gymnastics and came into contact with athletes from around the world on an overseas expedition, which made her long for life in oversea. Now she strives for becoming a global hair stylist. She is popular for her powerful shampoo and massage, which you would never guess from her appearance.


Manager / Receptionist

As a receptionist and manager for our 2 branches in Tokyo, she ensures quality service and that every client is taken care of. With her attention to detail and warm smile she has gained great trust from clients. She had worked at SHINKA in Sydney and she has a great communication skill in English as well. As a specialist in customer service, she also writes a column for beauty industry magazine.