Store Manager / Hair Designer

SHINKA The Galeries Store Manager.
With over 10 years of hairdressing experience, and being supported by many customers, regardless of gender, because of his originality and high quality techniques. His ability to design a hair style to match each individual, with skills in all genders from a mode cool style to a soft feminine style. Always conscious of the trends, and will always offer the latest style for you.



Yuya came to Sydney after gaining experience in working at Aoyama, Tokyo. He is talented in working alongside the customers needs and suggesting his own opinions according to their taste in fashion and the current hairstyle trend in the beauty industry. Yuya's attentiveness whilst attending a customer has gained a high reputation, especially for hair straightening and colouring. He aims to provide excellent customer service through a warm welcome and exceeding customers expectations.

Chinatsu / Make-up artist


Chinatsu is able to serve politely at all times yet provide an environment that allows her customers to feel comfortable during their time spent at the salon. She shows excellence in creating a natural feminine style that is highly recreatable, regardless of the age. She is also gaining popularity amongst the customers through positively advising each individual's overall beauty, rather than only focusing on their hair.



After gaining a valuable salon work experience in Nagoya and Fukuoka,Japan for 10 years, Sho is able to provide high quality of skills together with a friendly service to ensure that his customers will leave the salon feeling pleased. He particularly shows excellence in creating bob and short styles that are easy to maintain as well as stylish mens hair cut.


Stylist / Make-up artist

Aki has previous experience in working as a stylist in Tokyo.Her specialities in styling highly reproducible perms, as well as s long hairstyles. She aspires to deliver polite counselling sessions to suit each individual customers desired yet suitable hairstyles. Additionally, she has outstanding skills which were acquired in Tokyo to produce hair sets and makeup in line with the latest trend within the beauty industry. She can ensure a happy experience with wonderful results.



Born and raised in Sydney Anna makes use of both her English and Japanese to ensure she can communicate to every customer to understand there needs to ensure every customer can leave with a smile she welcomes everyone with her kind and thoughtful consideration. Anna, with a warm and bright smile, looks forward to meeting and interacting with our wonderful customers.



Anju offers relaxing atmosphere in our hair salon with her bright smile and is always willing to help customers to ensure the best results so every customer can leave with a pleasant experience.She enjoys her job and ensures a happy experience for all.



Ann greets customers with a welcoming smile. Spending her youth in the US, she supports both Japanese and English speaking customers for a relaxing time at Shinka. She looks forward to meeting you all.



Ayano is here to welcome all our customers with a polite and friendly attitude. She also serves have a comfortable and relax time.