Store Manager / Hair Designer

SHINKA The Galeries Store Manager.
With over 10 years of hairdressing experience, and being supported by many customers, regardless of gender, because of his originality and high quality techniques. His ability to design a hair style to match each individual, with skills in all genders from a mode cool style to a soft feminine style. Always conscious of the trends, and will always offer the latest style for you.


Assistant Manager / Hair Designer

SHINKA The Galeries Assistant Manager.
She has extensive experience in Tokyo. All clients are loving the hair style which she created. She won Vidal Sasoon hair competition in 2006 then she had an opportunity to learn more technique in London. She will suggest hairstyle best match for your lifestyle and everyday wear. Giving a little spice to your beauty life with the hairstyle is her great pleasure.


Top Stylist

Aya has amazing skills and has been working for 10 years in beauty field. One of her great skill is Make up. She was a Make up instructor in Japan. She makes sure you leave SHINKA with beautiful look and always gives you nice smile and kindness service.


Top Stylist

After gaining a valuable salon work experience in Jiyugaoka,Tokyo for 8 years. Akira is able to provide high quality of skills together with a friendly service reassuring that his customers will leave the salon feeling pleased. He particularly shows excellence in creating bob and short styles that are easy to maintain as well as stylish mens hair cut.


Top Stylist

She has worked as a hair dresser in Japan for 13 years and participated in hair style competitions many times. She is familiar with making feminine style. Her kind consultation would satisfy you with suitable hair styles. She is especially good at perming and making bob style.



Yuri is able to serve politely at all times yet provide an environment that allows her customers to feel comfortable during their time spent at the salon. She shows excellence in creating a natural feminine style that is highly recreatable, regardless of the age. Yuri is also gaining popularity amongst the customers through positively advising each individual's overall beauty, rather than only focusing on their hair.



Saki is popular amongst both her male and female customers through her naturally glowing soft atmosphere and excellent taste in fashion.She aims to provide a heart felt service that allows her customers to escape from the everyday life and make delightful memories during their time at the shop.Saki also has superb talent in updo hairstyles that draws out feminine qualities of each individual such as charming yet mature looks.



She has great skills of make up. She won a prize in a contest hosted by the Paris Collection in 2014 in Tokyo. She gives her guarantee that she provides you " Magical look" which you will be satisfied with.



Yuya has worked at the hair salon Aoyama,Tokyo. He always tries to provide excellent service and gives big smile to all customers. Him high skills have many fans from our customers.



Making use of her years spent overseas since a young age, she herself as a bilingual receptionist welcomes everyone with her kind and thoughtful consideration. Nanami, with a warm and bright smile, looks forward to meeting and interacting with our wonderful customers.