Store Manager / Hair Designer

Mika is a well experienced stylist, who has won a prize in the All Japan beauty art competition From cute and feminine to edgy cool, there are a variety of styles she is well skilled in. With an abundant experience in colouring, such as high tone colour and balayage, she can give you expert advice on your new style.
She currently is SHINKA The Galeries branch's Manager, and is well adored and a source of energy for her colleagues.


Assistant Manger

She is a highly skilled hair stylist who earned a basic experience in Japan and further developed it in Australia. Her skills in highlight and balayage she gained in a local hair salon of Sydney has an excellent reputation. Why don't you consult with her about your new hair sytle?


Top Stylist

Kiko demonstrates her skills with over 10 years experience in this industry in both Japan and Australia. Working at a local salon here in Sydney for almost 6 years, Kiko displays great knowledge and skill, especially with your colouring techniques including highlights, balayage and ombre. She is also skilled at offering styles that suit the individuals' lifestyle as well as their face line.



Aika has come to Australia after working in Tokyo for 7 years as a colourist and a stylist for 3 years. She shows strength in creating transparent colours and highlights as well as a soft, natural cut to suit each individual. Her interactions are always polite and never forgets her friendly smile. Together, we can create a style just for you!



Yumi worked in Tokyo before coming to Sydney. She shows strength in offering her customers with a soft and girly style, showing her clients an easy but effective hair styling technique for everyday use. She takes into account many factors like the season of the year, skin colour and the individual personality when recommending the hair style. Yumi is a happy and friendly stylist who is always here to chat. Feel free to come discuss your next hair style with her!



Tom has over 10 years of experience both in Japan and London. He shows strength in female bob styles as well as various fashion colours including transparent greyish-beige colours. With his experience from Japan, he offers professionalism in his work and in his customer service skills. Tom is always here to listen to any questions or enquires in how to set your hair. Feel free to come and visit him!



Moeka is a highly skilled colourist with experience at all four SHINKA branches. Her bubbly and friendly personality is adored by all and is always working in creating a relaxing atmosphere. With her love of fashion, Moeka offers the most fashionable, in-trend colours as well as carefully consulting with each customer to choose the most suitable colour for the individual. She is a highly recommended colourist, why not come in for a colour session with her!



Ray has come to Sydney after graduating from a beauty collage in Japan and shows great talent and skill with attention to detail. He shows true Japanese hospitality through learning Judo from a young age and demonstrates this through his polite and caring interactions with his customers and in his work.



Seina joined the SHINKA team in Sydney to learn and build her confidence in her skills as well as her English. She shows a strong interest in working globally and becoming a stylist with a wide range of skills. She hopes to be able to satisfy her customers through her shampoo and massaging techniques and continues to work hard in developing her skills.



Miki is here to greet and welcome all our guests with a warm and friendly smile. She works hard in creating a relaxing atmosphere for all and ensures all our customers are satisfied when leaving the salon.



Shiori welcomes all guests with a polite and warm attitude. Her hospitality skills in making sure every guest is satisfied from arrival to departure is outstanding and never forgets her bright smile in her interactions.