*Staff reservation fee will be charged if you book with your preferred stylists.
There would be no additional costs for bookings with no preference.
*Price list (PDF Download)

Our stylists will listen to your needs and wants and will help you create a look that will suit you most. With the experience and knowledge they have, they will provide a style that will be easy to look after at home, with the additional advice on how to take care of your new hairstyle.

Single colours can be used explore many different natural colours that suit each individual as we customize a formulation for each person need and lifestyle. We can also use colours to cover grey hair and regrowths with a natural finish. The colour we use are Japanese brands and European brands and we will formulize according to hair type. If you would like to try to change your hair for a subtle natural look we recommend single colour for you.

In the process of bleaching/lightening your hair we will use foils or bleach to create a lighter base. If you wish to try designed hair colours such as balayage or highlights we recommend a lighting service as we can design it your preference. Once you lighten your hair we will be able to do a wider range of colours such as ash colour or beige colours. If you would like to be creative with your hair design we would recommend a lightening service.


1. Full Highlights (No Bleach)
Duration: approx 3 hours
(Full Head Foils $170, Ladies Cut $70)

2. Copper Orange (1 Bleach)
Duration: approx 3 hours
Price: $355
(1Bleach+Toner $240, Keratin Protect $45, Ladies Cut $70)

3. Rose Pink (2 Bleach)
Duration: approx 4 hours
Price: $465
(2 Bleach+Toner $350, Keratin Protect $45, Ladies Cut $70)

4. Natural Hights (1Bleach)
Duration: approx 3 hours
Price: $395
(Half Foils + Toner $280, Keratin Protect $45, Ladies Cut $70)

5. Full Head Hights (1Bleach)
Duration: approx 3.5 hours
Price: $425
(Full Foils + Toner $310, Keratin Protect $45, Ladies Cut $70)

6. Balayage Colour (1Bleach)
Duration: approx 3.5 hours
Price: $405
(Balayage + Toner $290, Keratin Protect $45, Ladies Cut $70)

We are not able to tell you the exact price until we see your hair and its condition. In some cases, we may not be able to get the colour you want in one session.
Please feel free to visit us in our store to get a free consultation for the exact price and colour.





Staff reservation fee

Stylist (No Preference, Mei) $0
Top Stylist (Anna, Ogu, Keiko, Aya) $5
Manager (Hide, Mayu) $15
Director (Hiro) $25