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Clarence st (UpDate: 20 June 18:33)
◎ level1 ◎ level1 X level3 ◎ level1 ◎ level1 ○ level2 ◎ level1 ○ level2

Hiro is available 2pm to 3pm, 5pm
Hide is available 11.30am, 2pm to 3pm, 5.30pm, 6.30pm
Bella is available 11am to 12pm, 2pm to 3.30pm, 5pm to 6pm
Marin is available after 11am
Anna is available 3pm, 3.30pm, 6pm, 6.30pm
Kana (S/B and Colour only) is available after 11am

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Staff's Day off

Dymocks BLDG (UpDate: 20 June 18:34)
○ level2 ◎ level1 ◎ level1 ◎ level1 ◎ level1 ◎ level1 ◎ level1 ○ level2

Mika is available 12pm, 1pm, 1.30pm, 3.30pm to 6pm
Noa is available after 12pm
Mei is available after 11am

Castlereagh St (UpDate: 20 June 18:35)
◎ level1 ◎ level1 ○ level2 ◎ level1 ◎ level1 ○ level2 ◎ level1 ◎ level1

Ryuji is available after 11.30am
Ogu is available 11am to 6pm
Saki is available after 11am
Yuya is available after 11.30am
Lisa is available 11am to 5pm

*Mami & Taka have been moved to SHINKA The Galeries from 2 Apr 2024.
*We open at 9:30am on Sundays from Apr 2024.

The Galeries (UpDate: 20 June 18:36)
○ level2 ○ level2 ○ level2 ○ level2 ○ level2 ◎ level1 ○ level2 ◎ level1

Taka is available 3.30pm, 4.30pm, 6pm, 6.30pm
Suzi is available 11am, 3.30pm, 6pm, 6.30pm
Mizuki is available 11am, after 12.30pm
Yuna is available after 12.30pm

*Taka will be on holiday 16th June - 1st July (he will work on 21st June)
*Ogu has been moved to SHINKA Castlereagh from 2 Apr 2024.
*Omi has been moved to SHINKA Clarence from 1 May 2024.