Store Manager / Hair Designer

Mayu has been part of the SHINKA Clarence St family since 2011.
As a store manager, she is well respected by her team and strives to offer a comfortable environment to both customers and staff. She is exceptionally skilled in all aspects of hairdressing, including cuts, perms, colouring, and offering professionl advice on styles which enhances each customer's natural contour.
Due to her recommendations, Mayu has built up an excellent reputation amongst her clients.


Top Stylist

Taka is a experience stylist who has previously worked at an major salon in Tokyo. He joined the Shinka team in 2015 as a Top stylist and since has shown a wide variety of styles and skills from mens business cuts to stylish hair colours to suit each of his clients. Take also displays his artistic style through his photography he is the photographer for the Japanese/Australian magazine Japaralia and is the photographer for our website. He is able to adapt to a wide range of styles and will create a style to suit each clients lifestyle and liking.


Top Stylist

Keiko has 10 years of working experience in Tokyo and is a top stylist with some celebrities as her customers. She gained a Diploma from a beautician school in Sydney, and can confidently offer skills she has built through local hair salons. Being a mother of a child, styles you can reproduce beautifully without much time and maintenance is especially her strong point.

Aya (on holiday)

Top Stylist

Aya has amazing skills and has been working for 10 years in beauty field. One of her great skill is Make up. She was a Make up instructor in Japan. She makes sure you leave SHINKA with beautiful look and always gives you nice smile and kindness service.


Top Stylist

Jun began his career in the center of Tokyo's fashion scene Harajuku, he worked there for 10 years and with his experience he gained in Tokyo he then moved to Los Angeles, Australia and expanded his career as a hair stylist and was the Director of the salons he worked at. He is well known for his edgy styles for short hair and well as soft and airy perms. His creative sense of style can create a style to suit every individual and their lifestyles. He is loved by many customers and is a renowned skilled hair stylist.



Mina shows strength in creating bright colours and soft natural curls when styling hair. She has experience in setting and arranging various hair styles and shows confidence in creating a feminine look. She demonstrates consistency in bringing out the best from each individual customer and will be more then happy to recommend a colour and style that will suit the season of the year.



Yuka has gained quality experience from Japan, New York and now from Australia. She is a skilled colourist who has an abundant of knowledge in the chemicals used and is able to recommend the best product and colour for every individual. Yuka is particularly known for her skills in creating highlights and balayage using not just one, but a whole range of colours. Having the Level 2 HABIA International Qualification, Yuka displays a high standard in her work and has developed her skills to gain trust from her customers.



As Mitsukis parents are both hairdressers, Mitsuki has from a young age experienced the beauty industry. During her years at beauty school she has taken part in many competitions and won many awards. Since working in the Sydney Clarence st brach she has taken her talent to another level as she shows her talent and sense of style through her work. She is eager to learn more and constantly works hard to be able to produce the best style for her customers.



Born and raised in Sydney Anna makes use of both her English and Japanese to ensure she can communicate to every customer to understand there needs to ensure every customer can leave with a smile she welcomes everyone with her kind and thoughtful consideration. Anna, with a warm and bright smile, looks forward to meeting and interacting with our wonderful customers.



Having danced from a young age, she is definitely the nimblest member of SHINKA. Her ingenuous character belies her bewitching atmosphere, and she is driven by a desire to improve as well as a sense of curiosity. Having been brought up in the city, she is naturally in tune with the latest trends, and this is a strength for her as a beautician. Many customers claim to feel "healed", and, requested for shampoos and scalp care by both men and women.



Koh is an eager assistant who shows a strong passion for the hairdressing industry. He positive attitude towards learning has allowed him to continually grow throughout his time here, showing a strong love to what he does. Koh is very polite to everyone around him which creates a pleasant atmosphere for all.



Miku welcomes our customers with her bright and bubbly personality. She creates a welcoming atmosphere and helps support both the hair stylist and the customer throughout their time here. She looks forward to meeting you all.



Yuri is here to welcome all our customers with a polite and friendly attitude. She creates a relaxing environment for all, with a smooth transition for the best experience for each individual person.